The Cubbyhouse Experience

There’s a saying, it takes a village to raise a child. And yet in today’s world too few of us have that village, separated by distance, time and modern lifestyles. At the Cubbyhouse Preschool, we get to know your child, their interests, their normal. Whatever your family looks like, we’re there to provide a supportive and nurturing home-like environment for your child.
The Cubbyhouse group of childcare centres is locally owned and operated and is committed to providing the best quality education services in the Manning Valley and Mid-North Coast regions.

We have 3 centres operating in the Mid North Coast located in the Taree CBD, Wingham and Kempsey.

The Cubbyhouse is an early childhood education and care setting offering a preschool program with long day care centre hours. We offer groupings of children in our nursery, toddler and preschool rooms which cater to the individual needs of all children. We ensure the cubbyhouse is a child safe environment where children can reach their fullest potential in all areas of early learning and development.

Parents are an essential part of early childhood education and development and therefore we encourage family involvement at every possible occasion. Raising and educating a child is a partnership between families and educators and children feel settled when the know families and educators trust each other. The first 5 years of a child’s life is crucial in building lifelong skills and friendships.

Our Centres


Kempsey Center

Kempsey Centre

The centre is located on a double block conveniently located near Kempsey Tafe and Kempsey Hospital.

a: 41 Polwood Street Kempsey NSW 2440
p: (02) 6562 8591


Taree Center

Taree Centre

The centre is located on a large block conveniently close but not too close to the Taree Central Business District.

a: 54 Pulteney Street Taree NSW 2430
p: (02) 6551 2100


Wingham Center

Wingham Centre

The centre is located in a semi-rural area. we have extended hours to cater for the needs of families in this area.

a: 1316 Gloucester Road Wingham NSW 2429
p: (02) 6553 0111

Our Educational Philosophy

The Cubbyhouse provides a warm, safe and happy learning environment to support your child’s development. Our educational philosophy and approach to care has been informed by extensive review of educational best practice and draws from credible, research-based theorists and their ideas. Our practices, procedures and curriculum development is guided by these ideas.

Rudolf Steiner

Children need free, creative play to develop their spirit, minds and bodies. When educators nurture children’s senses children develop an understanding of awe and wonder for beauty.

Lev Vygotsky

Play is an important way for children to develop. Children learn everything twice, first by watching and thinking, then by doing. Children need to be supported in their learning (scaffolding). Culture shapes how we learn and what we learn.

Jean (John) Piaget

Children are researchers, they use their sight, touch, taste, smell, movement and hearing to explore how things work. This is called “concrete learning”. Telling children lots of facts about an idea or thing is not very helpful; they learn more by exploring with their senses.

Barbara Rogoff

Children are active, involved and competent learners. Children develop understanding and skills in a social context. They develop social skills through observing and imitating others more skilled then themselves.

Abraham Marlow

Children are free to learn, develop and grow into strong, resilient, competent adults after their basic needs of food, water and sleep are provided.

Urie Bronfenbrenner

Children grow and develop within several different relationship systems.

Burrhus Skinner

Breaking down big tasks into smaller tasks helps children learn new skills more easily.

Maria Montessori

Children learn at their own pace through playing and that PLAY is children’s WORK.

A Day at The Cubbyhouse


Ready to start the day

At The CubbyHouse we provide your child with a supportive and nurturing home-like environment for your child. A place where they will feel safe and welcome.


Morning farewells are unhurried ensuring a smooth transition to the day for both parent and child. We’re there for you, working with you to provide great childhood experiences for your child

Time to settle

We allow time for each child to settle into their day. With plenty of time for cuddles and one on one time.

Free play

Our day starts with free play, choosing from a range of activities from craft to imaginative play. Allowing choice provides children with the opportunity to develop decision making skills and to explore activities that interest them.

Outdoor time

With sand pits, swings and gardens to explore. The to and fro of the playground, under the watchful eyes of our educators, helps your child learn the essential social skills they will need to navigate life. Learning how to make friends, navigate disagreements and develop resilience, skills that will hold your child in good stead when they head off to school.

Story time

Story time is not just an opportunity for quiet time. Studies show that reading to our children prepares them for literacy, helps them with their cognitive development as well as language acquisition.

Morning Tea

The business of being a child is a busy one. Healthy nourishment is essential for both their physical and cognitive development.

Music time

Music helps the body and mind work together, supporting all areas of child development as well as developing skills for school readiness. Music play during early development helps children learn the sounds and meanings of words, while dancing. As an added bonus music helps strengthen memory skills.

Group activities

Group activities helps children learn important social skills and sets them on the path for school readiness. Learning how to make friends, navigate disagreements and develop resilience, skills that will hold your child in good stead when they head off to school.

Lunch Time

By learning to open their own lunch boxes, as well other essential skills such as being able to their left from the right, and their front from their back, we are helping our children on the path to school readiness. Supporting children to become confident and resilient when they head off to big school.

Free play

After lunch our children enjoy a second opportunity for free play. Your child will thrive in an environment that encourages their sense of adventure, and discovery. An environment in which wonder flourishes, developing a life-long love of learning.

Rest time

We don’t have a regimented quiet time, instead we offer rest or quiet time depending on the needs of your child and your preferences.

Afternoon Tea

A well-earned snack after a happy day of learning through both structured and creative play.

Home time

We’ll let you know how your child went and take the time to address any questions you might have. At the Cubbyhouse your child is in safe hands. Cared for in a nurturing homelike environment, part of your extended family.

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