Fees Policy

All childcare fees should be regarded as an investment in your child’s care, education, well being, and development.1

  • Our full daily fee is $72.00 per day
  • On enrolment 2 weeks fees are payable. The enrolled child must start on the day specified, otherwise it will result in the loss of the place and fees will not be refunded.
  • Fees are due weekly and are to be kept at least 2 weeks in advance. If it is more convenient, parents may pay for longer periods, for example fortnightly, monthly or by the quarter.
  • Fees are to be paid by direct deposit, direct debit or centrepay. An invoice including all fees and charges will be issued to each family on a regular basis and receipts of payment will be issued or placed in the parent pockets to be taken home. Any bank charges related to dishonouring of direct debits will be added to fees. Receipts should be retained by parents and presented should a query arise. Parents should ensure that a receipt has been received for each payment.
  • Payments of fees are for the child’s position at The Cubbyhouse and are still payable for any absence. Including sickness and holidays, but not public holidays.
  • Any costs incurred in recovering debts will be added to the fees.
  • Fees are payable for the 52 weeks per year which the Cubbyhouse is open. If a child is being withdrawn from the centre, 2 weeks notice in writing must be given or full fees in lieu of notice.
  • We maintain the policy of reviewing our fees six monthly in order to maintain a high quality service, however any increase will be kept to a minimum or avoided whenever possible.
  • A late collection fee of $11.00 per 5 minutes may be charged to parents who collect their children later than the closing time of 6.00pm at Taree and Kempsey and 6:15pm at Wingham..
  • In the event of a child who is not immunised being excluded from the Cubbyhouse during an outbreak of vaccine preventable disease, full fees will be charged if the child’s position is to be retained.
  • The Director reserves the right to re-allocate the position of a child whose fees are in arrears.
  • Childcare Benefit is available, but must be applied for from Centrelink (Family Assistance Office). It is the responsibility of the parents to have their income assessed every 12 months or if their income changes by 10%. If Childcare Benefit expires full fees will be charged. Families are responsible for maintaining a Child Care Benefit approval.
  • Families may be eligible to claim a 50% rebate from the ATO on all parent fees (subject to ATO criteria). Families that are eligible to claim CCR will be expected to select pay to service, weekly, to minimize their fee payable. Families are responsible for maintaining Child Care Tax Rebate requirements.
  • Due to the high demand for childcare, priority of access guidelines have been set by the federal Government. The Cubbyhouse does it’s best to allocate places fairly, please accept this in good faith. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep all receipts for verification