Toilet Training

pottyWhen to start ?

What are the steps ?

When will my child be ready ?

How do I know if my child is ready ?

Should I use a potty or an adult toilet ?

These are some of the many question we are asked regularly. Toilet training is all individual for each family as well as each individual child. We suggest each parent look at their own child and look at their ques and work out what is best for their family. We suggest having them sit on a potty or toilet before a bath each night as starting the children to become comfortable with how it feels. This can help the child to be in a routine and comfortable with this before they even need to think about actually using the toilet.  Setting up this routine is good for a child as it gives them independence and control of their own body which in turn makes the process easy and not so daunting.

Dressing your child in clothing which they can easily undress and redress also gives the feeling of independence and accomplishment. When starting it is best not to swap and change constantly as children become confused. When you use underpants or trainers do not put them back into a nappy except at night. Always remember to keep the routine so children do not become confused. Lastly choose a time when you are not too busy to start when you are able to have them in undies and take them every 30 mins so they become use to sitting on the toilet.

Always remember never rush just take your time and enjoy because children are only little once

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Child Immunisation

kid stockThere is a new law with immunisation which involves child care centre / early learning centres / day care centres. The law states that these educational centres will refuse entry to anyone child who has not been immunised. This is supposed to ensure that we can minimise the risk of these diseases and prevent deaths of children and ensure that an epidemic is almost impossible. › About NSW HealthNews