Teething Fever Young Children



teething fever


Teething and Fever  in Young Children.

teething fever high temperature young children


That sounds like a yucky combination for everyone involved.

Teething can be a stressful, emotional and horrible time for both you and your young children.

And comes along with many symptoms.

Teething can cause

* sore and swollen gums that sometimes can bleed

* dribbling/ drooling

*chewing and rubbing the gums

* red or rash on cheeks

* refusing to eat food

* sleepless and disturbed nights

and general irritability.

Some children display other symptoms,

* runny noses

* loose bowel movements

and high temperatures or fever.

It is thought that these symptoms may not actually be from teething but could be because children are more prone to infection as they are more likely to put everything in their mouth!

Fever and teething in young children does not go hand in hand. It can be totally unrelated. So seek medical advice if your child develops a fever at anytime.

Some ways to help young children with the troubles of  painful gums and teeth.

* Allow your child to chew clean, safe items. This can include chewing rings or even a wet cloth.

* Items that can be cooled down can also help to soothe the teething child. For example frozen fruit pieces.

* Wash your hands and rub your clean finger over the sore gums.

* Access a chemist or a doctor to ask for treatment advice

* Give your child lots of cuddles!

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