Safety Gardening with Children

safety gardening with childrenIts lovely to get outside and dig about, gardening with children.

Planting vegies, looking at worms and enjoying the sunshine.

It can be very simple to develop an area to do gardening with children, even in the smallest of places. A small styrofoam container can become a fantastic little herb or strawberry patch.

Much learning and development can take place in the garden.

Topics you can dicuss when gardening with children.

Healthy foods – vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains and the benefits of these foods.

Life cycles of plants and insects – from seed to flowering plant and egg to flying bee.

Where produce comes from – fruit and veggies don’t come from the shop! much to the surprise of some young children, they are grown from a seed and transported to the shop!

Sustainable practices – reduce, reuse, recycle! Get that worm fertilizer going, build the compost, feed some chickens and definitely don’t let that tap drip :)

There is a large variety of easy to care for plants to help you garden with children BUT there are some precautions to be taken when gardening with children.

Simple things need to be done to ensure safety when gardening with children -

* Always communicate with your child about what is and what is not safe in the garden, eg what is safe to eat, how to use tools.

* Model how to use the gardening tools properly and always store the equipment properly.

* When using soil,  moisten the soil and/ or wear breathing masks to ensure the small particles do not get into your little ones lungs

* Think about the types of plants you are putting into your garden – is it too spiky? poisonous?


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