Children and Media Devices

children running

Sedentary time…..this is when children are sitting still for long periods of time and is usually linked to television viewing, computers and other small media devices. Children who watch TV for more than two hours each day are more likely to have  unhealthy choices for their diet and less likely to participate in physical activity. Children who are watching television also view advertisements for foods which are high in salt, sugar and fat. This can influence their eating preferences while watching  television as well as their whole consumption of food.

Children need to be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day as well as having a healthy balanced diet with plenty of water. Being active is beneficial as children learn skills such as running, trowing and catching. It also helps with balance and coordination, growing healthy bodies, relaxing children, and better sleep.

At the Cubbyhouse Preschools, we rarely sit still for long periods of time! If we do use television viewing, computers and small media devices, we do not use them for mindless entertainment. We interact with media devices and computers as part of our educational programs, in an educational manner.  Using a tablet we can enhance our programs and tap into the children’s interests. Through YouTube we can find interactive children’s songs and stories and there are many apps for things like children’s yoga and educational games. Using this media this way supports an active lifestyle.

To see more information on physically active play and sedentary time follow the link below